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Best Elevator Service in the area

Here at Spectra Controls we offer a selection of first-class elevator solutions in the heart of the local area. Our experienced technicians are capable of installation across residential properties as well as commercial buildings like hotels. In addition, we’re also on-hand to offer quick call outs for any urgent repairs that may be occurring across your business. Contact us today on the form below if you have an elevation dilemma or want to know more about our services.

Elevator installation

It may seem like a profession that’s filled with ups and down but being involved in the elevator industry requires a lot of specialist skill. Our qualified elevation technicians are available to plan and implement new elevators in your property or replace older models with more functional solutions. Whether you’re looking to install a lift in a residential home or in a commercial building we can help you with all the finer demands and guarantee we provide a quality service.

Elevator repair

When your elevator breaks down it can cause havoc in your property or business. It can be even worse if there’s someone stuck inside while it’s broken. Give one of our experienced technicians a call for a quick call out service designed to get your elevator working as efficiently and safely as possible without causing too much disruption to your day. Don’t let your lift get stuck on the first floor, use our elevator services today.


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